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ASTM B117 Test  BASF Test  Eck - Air Sample Test

Eck® Test Results

Eck® has been rigorously tested in the field, as well as in the lab. Lab results show Eck® successfully passing a 4,000 Hr test. Pictures and other information available upon request.

General Description of Test Procedures

General Description of Test Procedures The sample was submitted to a salt spray fog in accordance with ASTM methods. The test was continuous, interrupted only by brief periods of inspection and replenishment of salt spray tanks as allowed by the standard. Solution samples and temperature readings were taken daily.

Eck® - Flammability Test (Video)

General Description of Test Procedures This video was made for manufacturing facilitiess to help understand how flammable the Eck® product is or is not. The results show that Eck® is safe and suitable for all manufacturing plants.

Eck® - Flammability Test Video

E-One / DuPont ASTM-B117 (Salt-Spray Lab Test)

E-One and it's paint supplier DuPont, administered a 1,000 hr. ASTM-B117 Salt-Spray lab test to determine if Eck® could out-perform their productions current method of preventing electrolysis on their builds. Four compartment doors were fabricated and assembled by the Fire Apparatus manufacturer. The first compartment door was assembled with Eck®, Tef-Gel and no corrosion preventing coating. The second panel was assembled without any corrosion preventative. The third panel was assembled with our Eck® coating. The fourth panel was assembled with Tef-Gel (a product E-One was using). The final results show how the Eck® applied areas showed no reaction during the lab generated environments.

Test Results

PPG Industries - ASTM-B117 (Salt-Spray Lab Test)

PPG Industries - Delaware, OH administered a 1,000 hr. ASTM-B117 Salt-Spray lab test to evaluate corrosion protection to assist some key accounts with manufacturing commercial vehicles. Two different types of test panels were fabricated for testing. The first panel was a flat aluminum surfaces with small compartment door assembled with riveted . The second was a steel post with an aluminum swing door assembled together with a hinge and bolts. Two sets of test panels were made from each of these, one assembled with no Eck® and the second assembled with Eck® in-between the dissimilar metals and on the bolt threads or rivets. After a 1,000 hrs test, the panels were pulled and examined. The final results proved Eck® significantly protected the dissimilar metals and showed no signs of corrosion.

Test Results

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