Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Vehicles

Corrosion in the fire truck and ambulance industry is a serious issue. Most of the fire & emergency apparatus are manufactured out of aluminum and assembled using stainless hardware. Corrosion is often seen at door handles; roll up doors, compartment door hinges, around wheel wells, diamond plate trim and electrical connections.

Eck® prevents the natural corrosive energy caused by dissimilar metals (aluminum & stainless steel) being fastened together. These metals will always corrode, some soon, some later. Eck® does 3 things to prevent this corrosion: seals out moisture, creates a barrier between the dissimilar metals, and absorbs the corrosive energy created by these metals preventing the corrosion.

Most of the ambulance & fire truck manufacturers use Eck® for new builds, but you must ask or some won't include Eck®. Simply specify Eck® must be applied between any dissimilar metals when you order or spec a new truck. A can of Eck® should be in every fire station for use when drilling holes and attaching any item on your truck. Small quantity orders can be placed right on our website or by calling us at 1-847-931-7899.


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