Road Truck & Semi-Trailer Truck Vehicles

Have you ever noticed while traveling down the road trucks & trailers with corrosion everywhere? The semi trailers with rust streaks flowing down from the rear door hinges and lock rods? Eck® prevents this! Corrosion of trucks and trailers is a huge issue. Some from dissimilar metals (aluminum & stainless steel), some from the magnesium chloride (road de-icing chemicals) eating away the trucks. Occasionally you will even read that a suspension of a truck actually dropped as a result of corrosion. A potentially huge safety issue.

Eck® prevents this corrosion in 3 ways; seals out moisture and the road de-ice chemicals, providing a barrier between dissimilar metals, and our formula includes lots of Zinc powder and Zinc dust that absorbs the natural corrosive energy.

Eck® is used by many manufacturers of trucks and trailers. When ordering or creating a specification for a new truck or trailer make sure you add, "truck/trailer must have Eck® corrosion coating between all assembled items".



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