Learn how Eck® prevents harmful metal corrosion.

Eck® is a patented coating that was formulated to prevent corrosion of all kind of metals. Eck® performs 3 vital jobs in the protection of dissimilar metals. Primarily it creates a barrier between metals, seals out moisture, and is sacrificial absorbing natural corrosive energy caused by dissimilar metals.

Eck® is petroleum based, Zinc rich, prevents dissimilar metal corrosion, galvanic corrosion, magnesium chloride corrosion, calcium chloride corrosion, rust, seizing of hardware/fasteners and is dielectric for use with lighting/wiring.

The product comes in handy squeeze tubes, aerosol, and quart cans. Thousands of laboratory testing hours and numerous world class manufacturers prove that Eck® is the state of the art coating for corrosion prevention of dissimilar metals.

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Ten benefits of using Eck®

  • Prevents corrosion of any metal
  • Keeps paint from blistering from electrolysis
  • Replaces the need for coating hardware
  • Replaces barrier tape and Mylar film
  • Dielectric, protects electrical connections
  • Anti-seize and lubricates
  • Never dries, won't crack or peel off
  • Easy to apply - spray, brush, dip or squeeze
  • Keeps moisture out of unwanted area

Who uses Eck®?

Eck® has both consumer and industrial uses. Some of the world's largest manufacturers use Eck® in their production process to prevent corrosion between aluminum and steel.


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