How does Eck® work?

A. Eck® was engineered to prevent dissimilar metal corrosion that always occurs when you fasten dissimilar metals together, such as aluminum and steel. Eck® creates a barrier between the two metals and uses Zinc dust and Zinc powder as the sacrificial metal. God made aluminum and steel to not like each other causing paint to bubble or blister and Eck® keeps them separated.

Does Eck® hurt paint?
A. Absolutely not! Three of the world's largest commercial paint manufacturers tested Eck® and endorse it. In fact, they routinely recommend Eck® to their customers who include Truck, Automobile, Bus and Boat manufacturers.

Can't I use rubber spacer, tape or wax products to do the same thing?
A. Yes you can but why take the chance? Those other products have nothing in them to actually prevent the electrolytic reaction that occurs with dissimilar metals. As an example, those other products sweat with temperature changes or washing. That moisture can act as an electrolyte, putting the two metals in contact. Eck® has zinc products that will absorb the energy, preventing corrosion.

How do I use Eck®?
A. Simply spray or brush Eck® on the two different metals being assembled. Spray or brush onto: nuts, bolts, rivets, etc. & any holes.

How Does Eck® clean up?
A. Mineral spirits, alcohol or similar products nicely remove any excess material.

What's the story on your patent?
A. We had a U.S. Patent awarded in 1998 for 20 years. The purchase of Eck® gives you the right to use our Patent when you use our product.

Is Eck® safe to use?
A. Yes. Eck® comes in brushed Liquid & Aerosol forms. Eck® has been tested by an independent laboratory and found to be well above both the OSHA and ACGIH standards.

Does Eck® work on all metals?
A. Yes, Eck® will prevent Electrolysis and Galvanic Corrosion with all metals.

Can Eck® be used with electrical connectors?
A. We have several customers that use Eck® every day to prevent corrosion on electrical connections. It works as a Dielectric-Grease with corrosion preventing ingredients.

What is unique about Eck®?
A. Eck® has been engineered to never dry. Eck® will set up and become tacky in about 15 minutes. This is of great benefit because it won't dry; crack and fall off.

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